节日 & 仪式

节日 are a vital part of our school life and bring the entire community together to celebrate. 节日是对生命的欢乐庆祝, and has the quality of lifting us out of the ordinary and into the mysteries and magic of the rhythm of the seasons.

全年, our many festivals celebrate the cycle of nature; are based on traditional celebrations or holidays; are specific to Waldorf pedagogy; or focus on significant values and virtues central to human development. 这些一年一度的节日为孩子们确立了每年的节奏, 滋养个人,壮大TG反波胆足球平台的社会. Students develop an understanding and respect for the various cultures of the world through their experience in the classroom and in the celebration of these seasonal festivals.

孩子们喜欢通过装饰教室来为节日做准备, 烤食物, 学习特别的歌曲或舞蹈, 听特别的故事, or making costumes—all of which can be replicated and reinforced through activities at home.



Waldorf schools around the world mark the beginning of each school year with a ceremony highlighting the passage of first graders. The seniors present a lily to each of the first graders as they begin their journey through the grades. 在他们穿过一个花拱之后, 他们的新老师在那里欢迎他们上一年级, 给他们讲个故事,然后带他们去新教室. 然后,一年级的家长被邀请参加欢迎招待会.



米迦勒节是为了纪念天使长米迦勒,他是勇气的化身. This festival inspires us to courageously conquer our dragons—both internal and external—as we prepare for the winter ahead. Children experience the image of good overcoming evil in the reenactment of the hero slaying the dragon. 庆祝米迦勒节, we strive to stimulate our will to fight for the good so that the children realize not even the smallest good deed is ever lost, 不管有没有人注意到. 每个年级在选美比赛中扮演一定的角色, 这是学生们喜欢的经历, 因为他们期待着自己扮演重要角色. Parents, students and faculty are invited to attend and enjoy a coordinated potluck meal afterwards. 下午有专为学生准备的游戏和活动.

万圣节前夕,亡灵节 & 万灵节

All Hallows’ Eve is celebrated with a spirit of playfulness and gives the opportunity for roleplaying and make-believe. 基于童话故事的富有想象力的场景, fables, and other curriculum themes are set up outside along a path for the children in the school and the greater community to view. 这个神奇的夜晚通常包括烤棉花糖的火坑, 热苹果酒和爆米花.

亡灵节和万灵节, 11月2日, are observed in different ways throughout the school to honor and remember those important people in our lives who have crossed the threshold.



排灯节是印度的新年. 庆祝活动持续五天, 主要庆祝活动在11月14日, 每年随着新月的变化. 学生们聆听罗摩和魔王的故事, 用面粉和水制作传统的小灯, 用拉克希米的脚印装饰教室的门槛!


随着白天越来越短, 夜越来越暗, 整个世界都进入了寒冷的冬眠, TG反波胆足球平台进入了传统上被称为“光的季节”.“这是一个沉思和反思的时期, TG反波胆足球平台人类试图在其中发现光明, hope, 用TG反波胆足球平台内心的爱来抵消外在的黑暗. 不管你是新是老, 宗教或非宗教, 老师或学生, 在这个光明的季节里,TG反波胆足球平台每个人都能得到一些东西. 这次庆祝活动是由TG反波胆足球平台高中学生会组织的.



St. Nicholas makes a surprise visit to each classroom and leaves a special treat for each child. 在低年级,圣. 尼古拉斯从他的书中读了一些与每个孩子相关的东西. Ruprecht, his somewhat unruly companion, brings fruits and nuts to the children in the upper grades.

The Second Grade celebrates the Swedish festival of Santa Lucia by processing through the whole school with a gift of song, 烛光, 还有甜面包.

犹太人的灯节, Hanukkah, is a celebration of kindling light in darkness and reminds us to believe that miraculous things happen and are possible in our lives.

Traditionally, the teachers in Waldorf Schools all over the world perform The Shepard’s Play. It tells the story of the birth of Christ and the three shepherds who journey to the manger with gifts for the child. 这个独特的游戏, 它提供了大量的幽默和歌唱, is presented each holiday season by the faculty and staff as a gift to the children and community.



圣的故事. Martin, 谁与穷人共用斗篷, 启发了走灯笼的传统, 灯歌的分享, 简单的款待, 和朋友的温暖. Students in 儿童早期 and grades one and two make lanterns in their classrooms and join their families in an evening lantern walk.



降临节是为冬至和光的回归做准备的时间. 这很漂亮, quiet and meditative celebration that focuses on the inner light amidst winter darkness. It is a reminder of the journey inward each of us must make during the dark days ahead.

房间里只点着蜡烛,散发着常青树的气味, 从幼儿期到二年级的学生沿着常青树的螺旋形小径行走. 到达中间的蜡烛, 孩子们点燃他们的苹果蜡烛,把它们放在螺旋形的小路上, 慢慢地将光明带入黑暗的房间. 

Winter & 春天音乐会

冬天 & 春季音乐会展示了TG反波胆足球平台从四年级到12年级的优秀学生. The students perform the music they have mastered in their various music classes: chorus, 管弦乐队, jazz, guitar, 和马林巴琴. This event is always packed as families gather to celebrate the season together and enjoy the extraordinary talents of our students.


五月节是一个标志着季节变化的古老节日. 生命之树是仪式的一部分. 今天的生命之树是用彩带和鲜花装饰的五月柱. 孩子们, 许多人戴着花冠, 围绕着五月柱跳舞唱歌,其他年级的学生则演奏音乐. The early childhood teachers create a beautiful separate event for the youngest students and then they join the rest of the school to watch the older students’ dance. 舞蹈和音乐之后是活动和美食摊位. 鼓励家庭参加.


钟响了 & 诗歌给予仪式

The seniors gather for the 钟响了 Ceremony with the high school students and faculty; then they proceed to visit each classroom from 高中, 在去幼儿园的路上. They receive a blessing and a short class presentation in each classroom in the form of a song, poem, 或等价的. The seniors and their sponsor will conclude with a bell ringing in the yard in acknowledgement of the continuum of this education.

Seniors meet with faculty and staff for a conversation about their school experiences and receive a verse by Rudolf Steiner to carry forth with them into the wider world.


At the end of each year the first grade class bids the graduating seniors farewell with the passing of a rose. This lovely ceremony is the counterpart to the 莉莉仪式 that begins each academic year. The 8th grade class is also recognized in this ceremony for their year-long buddy relationships with the 1st grade students.



Traditionally the eighth grade 毕业 is held on the day after the last day of lower school and is hosted by the seventh grade families.



The twelfth grade 毕业 is held on the day after the last day of high school and is hosted by the eleventh grade families. The community is invited to gather and honor the student's passage from 圣达菲华德福学校 into a wider world.