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Issue: Winter 2021 - Volume 5, No. 1

Our mission with our Community Magazine is to build and strengthen ties within and outside the SFWS community, spread the word about the common-sense effectiveness of the Waldorf curriculum in today’s global environment, and to highlight the achievements of our students as they go out into a world that, now more than ever, needs what they have to offer with their hearts, heads and hands.

We encourage students, alumni and parents to keep us informed of news, comings and goings, and generally stay in touch by contacting alumni@mylovecall.com.

Our sincere thanks to Cynthia Marshall Shore (former SFWS parent) and Janine Pearson (current SFWS parent) for their steadfast efforts to bring this form of communication to you and our broader community.

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Print or Digital? We have reduced the number of printed magazines not only because of environmental concerns, and print and mailing costs, but we are finding that the digital version of this magazine allows us exciting flexibility with the content, which we will be exploring in future issues.

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